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Tales of Xillia Release-8/6/13

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Release-8/11/13

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These are the people that help make our website bigger. Blogs, Websites, and many more can support us. We support them as well. Email us at [email protected] to become an affiliate or you can Tweet or Contact us in the forms. Thank you.

Aspect Town is a website where we shower information, advice, and fun all under one roof. Aspect Town's main purpose was to help kids to adults get connected to what is going on right at your front door. TNightPhantom and his team of members and moderators help put together information on games, reviews on movies, advice for life, parties for everybody, and lots more on the way. Here is what we offer at Aspect Town. First off, we have a wonderful team who is ready to provide help, advice, reviews, and information right at your fingertip by simply requesting the information through a message to one of our moderators or administrators. Aspect Town is, also what I said up top, a fun for all website. We use media parties on and turntable. That is the media so far, but we now have a forum where you can request a website for some fun. This website is created for the people to have at their fingertips for fun. We also hold options for people to become moderators and administrators. Just go to the Contact Page for more information about how to become one. Now what is the one thing kids hate in school? Quizzes is the answer. Not on this website they don't hate them. The Quizzes held in the Survey Time page is perfect for those who want to test their knowledge and personality. We are soon opening quizzes. When we do, we will make tons of quizzes to fit your needs. You can also request one to an administrator. More information about quizzes can be found in the blog. Last but not least is our wonderful blog. A treasure trove of wonderful news, updates, information, and much more. You can rely on the blog to get news and updates on the best things there is. The Forums are another way when you see a ton of people talking about the best updates and information there is. Well, that is all for now. Send Namine a tweet @ATNamine, and follow me @TNightPhantom. Till next time bye for now.-CEO TNightPhantom